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The Paris Market
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Cathedral of St the Baptist I

Explore Savannah on our Complimentary Bikes!

One of our favorite things about beautiful Savannah is it's ease of access. The city has taken an active role in making the city particularly bike-friendly, including creating green-colored bike paths on many of the streets downtown. We want you to take in all of the beauty Savannah has to offer during your stay with us, which is why we've included two complimentary bikes for you to use during your stay. Cycle under the Live Oak trees dripping with Ppanish moss, take a ride through Forsyth park, or get your shop around while enjoying the fresh outdoors. We simply ask that, should you decide to use the bikes, you sign the standard bike waiver we've provided below and return it back to us via email at frontdesk@luckysavannah.com. Once signed, we'll happily provide you with the code to unlock the bikes and you can begin exploring!

Please print and sign the bike waiver
attached in the PDF before using the

108 W. Jones St
Savannah, Ga 31401